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K-12 Teacher Education

Teacher and Students in a Classroom

Gain an introduction to teaching and make a positive impact in students’ lives by earning a transfer Associate of Arts (AA) in Teaching. With this degree, you'll be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree to become a K-12 teacher. 

When you are ready to transfer, NWACC's partnerships with regional colleges and universities makes the process convenient. You can transfer your associate degree to pursue further knowledge in different areas of education such as elementary, secondary, business, family, consumer science or special education.

Learn more about the transfer process by contacting your advisor or emailing askbehsci@nwacc.edu.

Academic Paths

NWACC offers a certificate of proficiency, technical certificate, and an AA in teaching. View the courses required to earn a certificate or degree.

View courses required to earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching

View courses required to earn a Technical Certificate in Teaching

View courses required to earn an Associate of Arts in Teaching