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Elevating Success in Higher Education

Elevating Success in Higher Education

Honors Program

As an honors student, you'll experience a curriculum of small, challenging classes with seminar-style discussions, allowing for hands-on learning and service, as well as non-traditional approaches to coursework.

You'll also have the opportunity to join the Honors Association where you can meet new friends and volunteer throughout the community. 

Questions? Email honors@nwacc.edu. 

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Admission & Applying

Honor students tend to be some of the most engaged, connected and successful students on campus. Learn more about the program requirements and how to apply. 

Admission & Apply

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Honors students are future nurses, professors, scientists, business leaders, and more. View the courses that can build your future. 


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Through the Honors Program, students have access to a variety of opportunities, such as conferences, scholarships and more. 



Honors Portfolios

As an honor student preparing to graduate from NWACC, you'll be asked to reflect on your experience and recognize your accomplishments by creating a portfolio. Feel free to view the portfolios of previous honors students.

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