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Why Get An Associate Degree Before Transferring

Graduation isn't just a ceremony; Completing a degree says something important about you!

Advantages of Obtaining an Associate Degree & Graduating Before Transferring:

  • Scholarship Opportunities - Some universities offer scholarships to transfer students who have earned their associate degree before transfer. People who make commitments and follow-through are a good investment!

  • Requirements Met Sooner - Although completing the requirements for the university, degree, and major you plan to complete is important, some universities allow the earned associate degree to meet some of the liberal arts distribution requirements with less focus on specific courses.

  • Academic Quality - Students who have earned their associate degrees generally do better academically after transfer to the university.

  • Salary Compensation - Some employers reward earned degrees with salary adjustments – and many prefer applicants with degrees over those with “some college,” even when a degree is not required.

  • Competitive Job Opportunities - Being able to find better jobs can make the next degree easier to attain (higher hourly wages leaving more time for study, tuition reimbursement, fewer worries and distractions) and can make you more competitive for internships important to your career.

  • Degree Earned - Life can interfere with the best of plans – so having a degree already earned can be important if you experience delays (particularly those based upon financial considerations) in completing your next degree.

How Do I Graduate?

  • Meet with your advisor and go over your degree check to see what you need to finish. Make a plan to complete the requirements by the time you want to transfer.

  • If you are only a few credits or courses short of earning your degree at NWACC, but need to be at the university in the upcoming semester, consider reverse transfer options.
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