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Counseling & Wellness

As an NWACC student or employee, you may seek personal counseling services for a myriad of reasons, such as assistance with dealing with college life, cultural shock, depression, anxiety, anger, substance use and abuse, relationship challenges, etc.

Counselors at NWACC's Counseling & Wellness Center are trained to be supportive, relate to others and be sensitive to your background and life experience. Counseling can offer you an ear to listen, and help you learn how to address issues and how to manage and cope with symptoms.

Please note: Our counselors do not prescribe medication, nor provide medication management.

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Counseling FAQs

View our video below to hear counselors, Stephanie and Ethan answer frequently asked questions regarding counseling services and explain how the Counseling and Wellness Center can help you stay mentally and emotionally well. 


Contact Us

If you may benefit from mental health counseling services, please contact NWACC's counselors or set up an appointment.

Meagan Ruffing, Mental Health Counselor

Quinn Reese-Whiting, Mental Health Counselor

For Emergencies

If you have an immediate health-related emergency, please call 911, Public Safety at 479- 619-4229, or Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.