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Tips for First Gen Family and Friends

As a parent, family member or a friend of a first-generation college student, you may find it challenging to relate to the college experience and connect with your student. 

The following tips can help you in supporting your loved one as they move through college.  

  • Get to know NWACC! Learn more about the college's reputable history, culture, programs and resouces by browsing 
  • Remind your student that they belong at NWACC. Hard work is what got them into college and they deserve this opportunity. Making adjustments to college is normal and they will become more comfortable over time. 

  • Help your student focus on their education and reaching their academic goals by assisting them in minimizing or eliminating unnecessary distractions.

  • Being in a new place and environment while figuring out higher education processes and requirements can be overwhelming. Be sure to support your student through their stress with encouraging words.
  • College classes can be a struggle, so feel free to encourage your student to use various academic resources that NWACC provides, such as tutoring, library services, math and writing centers, and more.  

  • Remember to have patience. This is a learning and transitioning process for your student and yourself.