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Tips for Success as a First Gen

As a first-generation student, you may be entering college with limited knowledge about the inner workings of campus life and academic programs, or know about resources that can facilitate your success. View the following tips to gain insight on navigating your journey through college. 


Tips and recommendations for success in college:

Attend new student orientation - Orientation can help you become acquainted with the college's facilities, services and numerous resources, and connect you with an advisor to help you register for courses.  

Develop a support system on campus - Be sure to join a club or organization at NWACC that may be of interest to you. It's a great way to meet like-minded students and interact with teachers and staff outside of the classroom and build a rapport with a variety of people.  

Utilize campus resources – Be sure to take advantage of all the resources and services available to help you succeed at college. Whether you're needing assistance with researching or editing a paper, looking for a tutor, or requesting special accommodations, NWACC has a variety of resources to choose from.

Find and maintain balance – College courses can be demanding and hard to juggle with work and family responsibilities. Finding a healthy balance, learning how to best organize your schedule, and prioritizing your time are all keys to your success in reaching your educational goals. 

Ask for family support – Since your parents did not pursue a higher education, they may not fully understand what you are experiencing and the amount of time and effort you are investing in your academics. Share your daily activities with your family so they are more aware of how it is being a college student, and let them know how they can best support you.