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Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verification provides directory information such as your name, enrollment hours and status, and serve as proof of your enrollment for various purposes.

NWACC participates in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) for processing student loan deferment verifications or private organizations (example: insurance company).


Request Your Enrollment Verification Online

Early (Unofficial) Enrollment Verification

Early (Unofficial) Enrollment Verifications can be obtained prior to (but not after) the 11th day of classes.

Note: Your loan servicer or other organization may only accept an Official Enrollment Verification as acceptable documentation. If you are unsure, please contact the entity requesting your enrollment verification to ensure you request the correct type of enrollment verification document.

Official Enrollment Verification

Official Enrollment Verifications can only be obtained after the 11th day of classes. If you need an Enrollment Verification prior to the 11th day of class, please request an Early (Unofficial) Enrollment Verification.

You can request an Enrollment Verification by completing the Early Enrollment Verification Request Form.

Email enrollmentsupport@nwacc.edu