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Course Substitution Process


  • You may seek a course substitution if you feel you have taken a similar class to meet a course requirement.
  • If after reviewing your degree evaluation, you find a class not being used toward a specific requirement and believe it should be, you may petition the course requirement by meeting with your advisor.  You may be referred to the academic division associated with your request.
  • You will need to provide an official transcript, course description and syllabus when making the request.
  • If you have questions about course substitutions, please contact your academic advisor.

Have You?

  • Verified with Enrollment Services correct information received regarding transcript(s)
  • Gathered your documents
    • Course description from catalog year course was taken (do this by going to the webpage of your prior institution and searching the old catalogs for the course description)
    • Course syllabus (this can be pulled from a number of places, old course pages, instructor of course, academic division of institution the course was taught at, or your old hard copy from the course)
    • Copy of transcript on file and on record at NWACC (you can bring the copy to your advisor when you meet to discuss your options)


Do You Have All Of Your Information?

Make an appointment with an advisor. Be sure and bring all documents with you to your meeting

The request is not a guarantee that you will be awarded the credit.