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Artisanal Foods

Brightwater’s Artisanal Foods program revitalizes the significance of authentic craftsmanship. In today's food industry, the word artisan has lost most of its meaning, but fortunately, with Brightwater's experiential-learning approach, you will be fully immersed in your artistry.

By spending time in the garden, you'll learn the value of crafting your victuals with quality, seasonal ingredients. By taking a true farm-to-table perspective back to the kitchen, you'll be empowered to create exceptional food. Brightwater's passionate and extensively trained instructors guide you to be a master of small-batch specializations, and offer you a historical, scientific and technical understanding in how to fashion each product successfully.

Upon completing the program, you'll be prepared to impact the industry by reviving the lost crafts in culinary arts, and find careers in food entrepreneurship, restaurant ownership, food journalism, product development and more. 

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CISQ 1103 Intro to Computer Information
ENGL 1013 Composition I
ENGL 1023 Composition II

Choose ONE

MATH 1003 Survey of Technical Math OR
MTCM 1003 Comm and Math for Workforce AND MATH 1001 Special Topics Surv Tech Math
MATH 1204 College Algebra with Review *

* Students intending to transfer to a four-year institution should take college algebra

FDST 1003 Food Systems
FDST 1013 Food Safety
FDST 1023 Foundations
FDST 1103 Culinary Nutrition
FDST 1503 Beverage Management
FDST 1603 Cost Control

FDST 1033 Sauces
FDST 1043 Applied Farming
FDST 1203 Baking
FDST 1213 Breads
FDST 1403 Butchery and Charcuterie
FDST 2013 Seasonal Kitchen
FDST 1043 Applied Farming
FDST 2213 Advanced Breads
FDST 2803 Culinary Capstone
FDST 2903 Internship **
FDST ELECTIVE - see course catalog for additional Food Study classes


** FDST 2911 Practicum I, FDST 2921 Practicum II, and FDST 2931 Practicum III, may substitute for FDST 2903 Internship


Degree, Costs & Careers 

NWACC proudly offers students an accessible and affordable higher education. Visit the Treasurer's office  for detailed fees.

Remember, financial aid is available for eligible students.

In addition to tuition costs, students will be responsible for the approximate cost of the items listed below to complete the program:

Item Approximate Cost
Uniform $150
Culinary Set $250
Textbooks $400
Lab Fees Visit the Treasurer's office

Uniforms, textbooks, and culinary sets are available through the NWACC Bookstore.

Opportunities continue to be endless in the food industry as it is always evolving and innovating. Brightwater's programs prepare you for a career that fits your specific skills, personality and aspirations.

Receiving an AAS degree focusing in Artisanal Foods will allow you a chance to progress rapidly in the industry in an array of diverse settings.

Some opportunities include:

  • Food Entrepreneur
  • Local Foods Procurer
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Executive Chef
  • Butcher
  • Chef de Partier
  • Food Journalist
  • Cookbook Author
  • Chef Instructor
  • Product Developer
  • Food Stylist / Photographer
  • Food Systems Educator