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In NWACC's German language courses, you'll learn about the German language and culture. German is a fascinating and rich language spoken by more than 100 million people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Europe and the world.

English derives from the German language and borrows many German words, such as kitsch, hamburger, ersatz, fest, kindergarten, angst, blitz, wanderlust, poltergeist, quartz and iceberg - to name a few.

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German Placement Information

If you'd like to be placed into Elementary II or Intermediate language classes without the proper pre-requisites, you may do so by taking the German CLEP test at NWACC's Testing Center or another testing site. This reading and listening test takes approximately nine minutes and costs $90. However, it is important to note that not all transfer institutions accept CLEP credit for foreign languages.  

CLEP Examinations Approved and Accepted by NWACC

NWACC Course Equivalent

Min Test Score

NWACC Credit Hour


GERM 1003 & 1013




GERM 2003 & 2013



If you have made the minimum score below on an AP language examination, you may receive the following credit:

AP Examination

NWACC Course

Min Score


FREN 1013 & 2003



FREN 1013, 2003, & 2013


NOTE: If you plan to take a placement exam, be sure to do so well before the class registration period so you are able to sign up for the correct level and can plan the rest of your schedule accordingly.