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Make Your Education Count
Science and Math

Make Your Education Count
Science and Math

Science and Math

The Division of Science & Mathematics offers courses that can move your natural curiosity into the research field, can funnel your love for calculus into a professional career, and offer advanced training to keep your career on track.


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EMPACTS is a college level learning model that infuses project-based learning, cutting edge technology, team work and community service across a broad curriculum.

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Execute drafting and design techniques. Solve complex problems and implement their solutions in a cost effective and practical way.

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Environmental & Regulatory Science

Using science to examine the public effects of each technological advancements. From analyzing data, minimizing risks, to ensuring keeping people safe.



If you are passionate about science, love the outdoors and want to understand the history of our planet, check out our geology offerings.

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Math helps us to better problem-solve and think analytically, and comprehension is necessary for the study of many disciplines.

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Physics is a prerequisite to any in-depth study of the sciences and technologies and it leads to careers in variety of industries.

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Learn through discovery and engage with scientific ideas. Through our course, dig deep into scientific theories and concepts while completing core classes.

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Demand is on the rise for skilled individuals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Learn more about careers & jobs that your degree may lead to!

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Workforce Readiness