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With 44 two-year degrees and 63 academic certificates, our academic programs allow you to explore your interests and future aspirations. No matter your goals, there is a place for you here.


Adult Education

If you want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma and start college, improve your English, or work on basic reading and math skills, Adult Education at NorthWest Arkansas Community College is ready to help you with your dream of a better life. Learn more and see how we can create a program that meets your needs.

Adult Education Division

Business and Computer Information

The Division of Business and Computer Information offers a wide variety of courses that will put you on the right track to developing the skills that will ensure you remain competitive in today’s job market. We have a diverse range of learning opportunities whether you are looking to earn an associate's of applied science, a technical certificate or start a transfer degree plan. To help you find a plan that fits your schedule and specific needs, we offer a traditional classroom experience in addition to flexible online courses across all areas of study.

Communication and Arts

The Division of Communication and Arts at NWACC offers several areas of study spanning art, design, cinematic studies, languages, theater and journalism. To help you reach your goals as a student, we have options for the plan that is right for you, including associates of fine arts degrees, associates of applied science degrees, technical certificates, certificates of proficiency and transfer degree plans with accelerated and online opportunities. Our courses are taught by highly qualified and engaged instructors with real world experience in their fields including published writers and composers, award-winning musicians, and playwrights.


The Division for Culinary Studies, Brightwater, offers a unique educational experience that combines art, wellness and business and can provide you with a path towards a career that is fulfilling and creative. Our goal is to provide you with world class training in areas including artisinal food, pastry and baking, food waste reduction, applied farming, seasonal cooking and more. You have the opportunity to earn an associate of applied science, certificate of proficiency and technical certificate.

Culinary Division

Health Professions

The Division of Health Professions provides growth opportunities in a wide range of rewarding paths. You may want to work in a fast paced high demand environment saving lives in an emergency room or as a first responder, leverage your interest in data and technology specializing in health information, or help people regain their strength or learn to manage physical challenges. Whatever your goals and dreams, there is a career path for you in Nursing, Dental Assisting, Respiratory and Physical Therapy, Fire Science, Paramedics, and Health Information Management. We offer multiple learning paths including the opportunity to earn technical certificates, certificates of proficiency, and associates of applied science.

Science and Math

The Division of Science & Mathematics provides multiple options for you to choose from whether you are seeking an associate of applied science, certificate of proficiency, technical certificate or a transfer degree plan. The courses and areas of study available can help you take your natural curiosity and translate it into the research field, funnel your love for algebra and calculus into the path you want, provide the professional training that will keep your career on track and so many more exciting options.

Science and Math Division

Social and Behavioral Science

The Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences can help you start the career you want in a broad range of fields. You may want to make an impact on your community, to work with children as an advocate or educational specialist, or to protect and uphold the law as a paralegal or in criminal justice. You can work towards earning credits for an associates of applied science, technical certificates, certificates of proficiency and transfer degree plans. You can also earn credits in general education courses like anthropology, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, social work, political science and sociology. Whatever your goals for your future, there is a path for you here.

Social & Behavioral Science Division

Workforce and Economic Development

The Division of Workforce and Economic Development provides the training and development opportunities you are looking for across a variety of specialized fields and needs ranging from the small business or a team manager looking for training options for their team to someone who wants to work with their hands and start a career in construction. We offer strategic partnership within the community and world-class training with options of earning an associates of applied science, technical certificates and certificates of proficiency.

Workforce and Economic Development