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Minds that Cure. Hearts that Care.
Health Professions

Minds that Cure. Hearts that Care.
Health Professions

NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) offers students the most relevant, hands-on education in the high-demand career field of health care. Students can earn certificates and degree programs that lead to the beginning of dynamic and rewarding careers in health and dental professions.

Due to the aging population and the expanding health and dental care job market, there is a national and local shortage of providers. Health Science professionals are in high demand and job opportunities are abundant.

NWACC is a leader in graduating professional and competent health and oral care professionals. We are committed to student success, and through our tutoring programs, campus lab activities, and professional student organizations, students are able to develop leadership skills and build career networks.

Graduation Statistic:

The 2018 graduates from the Paramedic, Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Physical Therapist Assistant programs achieved a 100 percent passage rate on testing exams to obtain a certificate or license in their respective disciplines.


Health Professions Events

Spring 2019 Nursing Information Sessions NorthWest Arkansas Community College is holding information sessions about our Spring 2019 nursing programs. Join us!
Male physical therapy assistant student practicing in class

Physical Therapist Assistant

Assist in treating patients recovering from injuries and illnesses through exercise, balance training, and other therapeutic interventions as a physical therapist assistant. 

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Respiratory Therapy students pose with trophies from Quiz Bowl competition

Respiratory Therapist

Help patients breathe easier by providing health care for their lungs as a respiratory therapist. 

Respiratory Therapist Program

Female Nursing student


With a degree in nursing, provide hands-on care to patients by administering medications, observing and monitoring patients' conditions, communicating with doctors, and much more.

Nursing Program

Male and female CNA/PCA students learn to stitch


Gain knowledge and skills in providing basic care to patients, administering medicine, and more through our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Patient Care Assistant (PCA) courses.

Learn more about CNA/PCA+

Female health information management student holding a clipboard

Health Information Management

Organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems as a health information technician.

Health Information Management

Dental students practicing in class

Dental Assistant

Learn how to assist dentists in delivering oral health care and provide post-operative care by becoming a dental assistant. 

Dental Assistant Program

Two Fire Science students holding a hose pointed towards a fire

Fire Science

Fight fires, respond to medical emergencies, and assist in angle rescues in a dangerous, yet rewarding career in Fire Science. 

Fire Science Program

Male and female EMT students learning

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Save lives by enrolling in an EMS program and learning how to perform emergency medical patient care quickly and safely. 

Emergency Medical Services