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Office of Community Standards

The primary function of the NWACC Office of Community Standards is to uphold the Student Code of Conduct, administer conduct procedures in support of the NWACC mission and vision, and to maintain a positive learning community.

The Office of Community Standards encourages equality, dignity, and mutual respect for all members of our campus community and we strive to inspire trust and confidence in NWACC's rules, regulations and student conduct procedures.

The Office of Community Standards also offers programs and services that promote safety, personal and academic success and social responsibility. A variety of its support services can also connect you to campus and community resources.

Mission: The NWACC Office of Community Standards fosters student learning and success by balancing individual and community rights, while promoting a safe, student centered, and inclusive community.


  • Fairness – We endeavor to build trust with students by implementing a fair, transparent, and equitable student conduct process that acknowledges individuals’ capacity to learn and grow from challenging experiences.
  • Accountability – We aim to provide opportunities which foster student learning, personal integrity, and ethical development by holding students accountable for behavior that violates the NWACC Student Code of Conduct.
  • Education – We strive to develop educational sanctions designed to help students develop individual responsibility and encourage self-discipline, to foster a respect for the rights of others, and to protect the rights, freedoms, and safety of members of the NWACC community. Education also includes training for campus colleagues to ensure they are familiar with the conduct process.
  • Growth and Development – We aspire to help students grow and learn from their decisions to develop into more responsible and community minded individuals.
  • Equity – We work to address all forms of inequity through personal and professional development, facilitating fairness, and developing equity-minded policies and procedures.
  • Collaboration – We value our college community and work collaboratively with our campus colleagues to best serve our students.

As an NWACC student, you are encouraged to learn from your behaviors in a way that promotes academic and personal growth, while maintaining a learning environment which allows all students to be successful. 

With the above in mind, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities and expectations while at NWACC by adhering to the Student Handbook.  


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