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Financial Aid Forms

As an NWACC student, you may need access to a variety of financial aid forms. The below information provides steps on how to access some aid forms on My NWACC as well as quick links to other forms not accessible on My NWACC. 

How to view and print financial aid documents on My NWACC:

  • Log into My NWACC
  • Select financial aid
  • Select award information
  • Select award by aid year
  • Select aid year
  • If documents are needed, it will indicate "Required! Complete now".  Select to view items needed and to print.


Quick Links to Forms

The FAFSA uses income from two years prior to determine federal aid eligibility. If you or a parent has experienced a loss of income due to an extenuating circumstance, the income reported on the student's FAFSA may not be an accurate reflection of the family’s current income. As an NWACC student, you may request the Financial Aid Office to review your extenuating circumstance and determine if an income adjustment is warranted.

Financial Reconsideration Form 

If you cannot answer 'yes' to one of the thirteen dependency status questions on the FAFSA, you are considered a dependent student and must provide parental information. Sometimes unusual circumstances exist that may warrant a dependency override to make you independent. Some of the unusual circumstances include abandonment by parents, an abusive family environment or an environment that threatens the your health or safety. If you are experiencing an unusual circumstance, you may request a dependency override request with the Financial Aid Office.

Dependency Override Form

A parent's refusal to contribute to your education or unwillingness to provide information for you as a dependent student that can demonstrate self-sufficiency, does not warrant a dependency override; however, you may be able to request not to provide parental information. If you parents refuse to support you and you are self-sufficient, you may make a request to the Financial Aid Office not to provide parental information. You must provide documentation. If approved, you will only be eligible to receive an unsubsidized student loan.

Not Provide Parental Info Form

Use the cancel or adjust aid form to request that your federal and/or state financial aid be canceled or to request that your student loan be re-offered, increased or decreased. 

Cancel Aid Form (2023 - 2024)

Adjust Aid Form (2023 - 2024)

A dependent student that marries after completing the FAFSA may request the Financial Aid Office to change their status to an independent student.

Dependent Marital Status Change Form