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Aspiring Leader and Double Major Earns the Golden Eagle Award

jose nwacc student 

Jose soared into his second year at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) with a Golden Eagle Award, a $100 check and a big grin.

“I was actually very surprised to have received the award because there are so many role models and leaders here on campus. I was filled with excitement about the news!” said Jose.

NWACC’s LIFE Program Director Juanita Franklin nominated Jose for the award. She initially met Jose when he was a high school student and through a LIFE mentor who saw leadership qualities in the senior. “She saw in this student an aspiring leader, and when our visit was over, I did too,” Juanita said.

NWACC students who are nominated for the Golden Eagle Award must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average and demonstrate social awareness, personal development, involvement in varied activities and a commitment to education. Recipients receive a certificate of recognition and a $100 check from the NWACC Foundation at the NWACC Board of Trustees meetings.

Since meeting Juanita, Jose has continued to surpass the above award qualifications, especially his commitment to education, involvement in campus Registered Student Organizations, and demonstrating social awareness. He’s a full-time student, a member of NWACC’s LIFE program and the DREAMers club, and a full-time Walmart employee.

Jose’s education plans consist of finishing his Associates of Science in Business this Spring and continuing his undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas, aiming to double major in Supply Chain Management and Marketing.

Through NWACC’s LIFE program, Jose enjoys empowering high school students by mentoring and assisting them with the challenges of transitioning into college. Mentoring has made a big impact on Jose.

“What I’ve learned from being in the LIFE program is how to be more selfless and become a proud community servant. I have been able to work on my leadership skills and public speaking; both will be a huge help in the professional field,” he said. “High school students admire and respect him,” Juanita added.

As an active member of the DREAMers club, Jose supports and encourages undocumented and DACAmented students to pursue their higher education. He enjoys sharing personal experiences when educating others about undocumented immigrants and engaging with loving and accepting allies at NWACC.

“Being involved on campus has been a huge factor in my success as a student,” Jose said. “It has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and network with Registered Student Organizations to meet others with similar interests.”

When he’s not in class or volunteering, Jose is working full time as a Walmart Customer Service Manager and advancing his skills in supervising, in hopes to move up the corporate latter.

“By having this store experience, I hope to pass this knowledge on to the internship opportunities in the logistics branch at Walmart that will come my way,” he said.

Jose credits NWACC’s affordable, quality education as the opportunity that made a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing and a career in logistics, possible.

“Attending NWACC has always been a key factor in my success as a college student with its affordability, and executing every-day classes in a way that actually teaches students,” he said. “I am very proud of being part of NWACC and LIFE because they’ve molded me into the community servant I am today.”


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