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Beverage Arts

Brightwater’s Beverage Arts program is designed to engage you in all facets of the beverage world. Upon completion, you will have an in-depth understanding of where various drinks come from, how they are produced, and how they taste.

Through continually tasting, you will learn deductive methods to be able to evaluate a beverage’s characteristics, quality and commercial value at a professional level. Surrounded by passionate culinarians at Brightwater, you will be exposed directly to the gastronomic world and will have a significant and tangible comprehension of how to pair certain beverages with certain foods. In addition, you will gain the practical knowledge needed to manage a profitable bar or beverage operation.

Brightwater desires to turn students into expert analysts in wine, beer and spirits, giving you the tools to influence the culinary world to appreciate the art of quality beverage making. Upon competition of the program, you'll be prepared for a variety of careers in the beverage industry including becoming a sommelier, mixologist, wine importer, recipe developer and more. 

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CISQ 1103 Intro to Computer Information
ENGL 1013 Composition I
ENGL 1023 Composition II

Choose ONE

MATH 1003 Survey of Technical Math OR
MTCM 1003 Comm and Math for Workforce AND MATH 1001 Special Topics Surv Tech Math
MATH 1204 College Algebra with Review *

* Students intending to transfer to a four-year institution should take college algebra

FDST 1003 Food Systems
FDST 1013 Food Safety
FDST 1023 Foundations
FDST 1603 Cost Control
FDST 1103 Culinary Nutrition
FDST 1503 Beverage Management
FDST 2903 Internship**

** FDST 2911 Practicum I, FDST 2921 Practicum II, and FDST 2931 Practicum III, may substitute for FDST 2903 Internship

FDST 1513 Beer
FDST 1523 Wine
FDST 1533 Spirits
FDST 1543 Art of Fermentation
FDST 1703 Hospitality
FDST 2523 Advanced Wine
FDST 2523 Advanced Spirits
FDST 2823 Beverage Capstone
FDST Elective - see course catalog for additional Food Study courses

Degree, Costs & Careers

NWACC proudly offers students an accessible and affordable higher education. Visit the Treasurer's office  for detailed fees.

Remember, financial aid is available for eligible students.

In addition to tuition costs, students will be responsible for the approximate cost of the items listed below to complete the program:

Item Approximate Cost
Uniform $150
Culinary Set $250
Textbooks $400
Lab Fees Visit the Treasurer's office

Uniforms, textbooks, and culinary sets are available through the NWACC Bookstore.

Opportunities continue to be endless in the food industry as it is always evolving and innovating. Brightwater's programs prepare you for a career that fits your specific skills, personality and aspirations.

Receiving an AAS degree focusing in Beverage Arts will allow you the opportunity to progress rapidly in the industry's array of diverse settings.

Some opportunities include:

  • Bar Manager
  • Bartender
  • Sommelier
  • Wine Importer
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Recipe Developer
  • Wine Distributor
  • Beverage Arts Educator